25 New Beatle Albums! Part 2

One of the most popular posts on my website was about the trend of creating fantasy albums by The Beatles.  Fantasy because the albums come from after their break-up, using the best songs from their solo albums in any given year.  I’ve been gratified that the post was so popular, even if the site is less about music and more about my work as the author of the 1001, The Reincarnation Chronicles series, including The Qaraq and The Qaraq and the Maya Factor, due out soon.

Given the great response to the post-Beatles article, which you can revisit here, many people have asked me for more of the playlists.  There’s a lot of them, so I’ve posted the first of two installments on 1001/Qaraqbooks News, my free email subscription service.  There you’ll find the albums from the 70s, before us boomers strayed from listening to the solo efforts, and the 80s, when I tried to keep John’s material represented after his death.  George doubles his contribution from the time of the Beatles, especially with all the great songs from All Things Must Pass and Living in the Material World.

Here’s a sample from 1971:

Post-Beatles 1971                                    SIDE A

1       Imagine                                             3:05      John Lennon

2       Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey        4:55      Paul McCartney

3       Wah-Wah                                          5:39       George Harrison

4       Long Haired Lady                            6:07       Paul McCartney

5       Oh Yoko!                                            4:22       John Lennon

6       Isn’t It A Pity                                      7:12        George Harrison


1        Smile Away                                         3:57       Paul McCartney

2        Apple Scruffs                                      3:09      George Harrison

3        How Do You Sleep?                           5:39        John Lennon

4         Every Night                                        2:31        Paul McCartney

5         It Don’t Come Easy                           3:02        Ringo Starr

6         Isolation                                              2:55         John Lennon

7          Back Seat Of My Car                        4:33         Paul McCartney

8          Happy Xmas                                      3:36         John Lennon

There are at least three mega-hits here, plus a few charmers, and a soul-stirrer or two.  There’s the oddity of including “How Do You Sleep?,” John’s cruel bash of Paul, if in the fantasy the band hadn’t broken up.  But it contrasts “Apple Scruffs” so well, and casts an ironic pall on Paul’s “Every Night.”  Anyway, that’s the fun of doing this, ordering the songs as a playlist, and balancing the whole.

If you don’t know a song, sample it on iTunes.  If you’re curious about my thought process behind the playlists, ask me, or refer to the original article.  And if you want to see all the playlists, sign up for 1001/Qaraqbooks News.

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