The Art of the Nosedive

To make a new thing happen, sometimes you have to go to rack and ruin. On the cover of my new book, there is an image of pandemonium, a burning tower with people leaping from it. For The Qaraq and the Subversive Manuscript it references the horrors of 9/11, but it is actually a very positive symbol. It is The Tower card from the Tarot deck; I used the image from an archaic deck for the cover. The significance: something has been disintegrating in your life, but if you surrender to its downfall, it will enable a new beginning to open up for you. That opposition of accepting rack and ruin to let a phoenix rise from the ashes is very powerful.

Right now Scorpio is in a New Moon for a few days, which is an exciting time not just for Scorpios. The New Moon is a time of fresh beginnings, so it’s a good time for change. But the accompanying Scorpio energy is a time of tearing down walls, taking a nosedive, letting that stinger do its worst. The destructive energy is all in the name of clearing a path for a better situation. Together the New Moon in Scorpio is a great time to plummet, to let go of an antiquated idea, to move on from a stuck place, and start fresh. You don’t have to be Scorpio to fly like an eagle after your nosedive. But it helps.

The qaraq, my past-life-reliving characters, face the traumas of 9/11, but come out of it stronger, and ready to parse out their 1001 lifetimes. The third book in The Reincarnation Chronicles fantasy series took years to write, weathered writer’s block and gap years, but rose again to get out in the world and win some awards. As a Scorpio I’m feeling that sweet New Moon. May your lives be touched by it, too.


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