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25 New Beatles Albums, Part 3

Now that I’m done with 1001, Book 2 capitalism for a bit, I can complete my summer promise to share my playlists for fantasy albums by The Beatles.  Fantasy because the albums came from after their break-up, using the best songs from their solo albums in any given year.

Given the great response to my initial post-Beatles article, which you can revisit here, you asked for more playlists, and I delivered the albums from the 70s and 80s, before boomers strayed, and after John’s death.  George doubled his contribution from the Beatle albums, especially with all the great songs from All Things Must Pass and Living in the Material World.

There’s even more fantasy albums, so I’ve posted playlists from the 90s to the present on 1001/Qaraqbooks News, my free email subscription service.  Those years saw George’s death and some great final tunes, Ringo’s re-emergence from recovery to become a wonderful songwriter, and Paul’s continual lyricism, uber-musicianship, and experimentation.  It gets to be a challenge to include John and George on the albums, but the new Ringo output, electronica from Paul, and The Traveling Wilbury’s (with Dylan and Roy Orbison), make for a couple double albums.

A friend recently asked if there is a connection between my interest in the Beatles after The Beatles, and The Reincarnation Chronicles series.  Besides the obvious (life after…), it’s simple.  I spent two years obsessed with discovering every song the boys recorded after their break-up, choosing the greatest hits, and organizing and re-organizing them into fantasy albums.  I didn’t stop until there were 25 albums.  What does that have to do with writing an 11 book series with 1001 chapters and spending my free time organizing and re-organizing the 101 worlds that contain all the past life stories?  You tell me.

If you don’t know a song on a playlist, sample it on iTunes, Spotify, or Apple Music. If you’re curious about the order of any of the playlists, ask me in a Comment, or refer to the original article.  And if you want to see all the playlists, sign up for 1001/Qaraqbooks News.

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