Book Two, The Qaraq and the Maya Factor


What if your déjà vu lasted ten minutes? Involved ten neighbors? Linked to a 1001 lifetimes with this group? This is your qaraq. Sahara Fleming, with her magical time travel powers, is her qaraq’s Scheherazade. But her estranged husband wants her back; she enjoys their romance, but Sahara sees their reincarnations as visionary terrors.

Then the Maya Factor shatters her qaraq. Maya, or “worldly illusion,” blocks some from receiving their reincarnation stories. Others uncover shocking links between ancient tombs, the sinister Red Isle, and a seventeeth century coven.

Is there a grand vision to the qaraq’s lives? Or is it another layer of Maya, obscuring the truth? Sahara can’t tell. If something exists beyond the Maya Factor, will it save the qaraq? Or tear it apart?



Book Three, The Qaraq and the Subversive Manuscript


As she flees from the burning tower on 9/11, Ooma Qadir’s traumatized soul receives searing visions.  A cabal of mysterious storytellers, a dangerous anthology from Islamic Cordova, and seven magical kisses.

Sharing her gift to recall past lives, Ooma is part of a qaraq, a group of souls linked across countless incarnations.  Cast out of the group in this lifetime, she is desperate for acceptance, for power, and for illicit love.  Are her new visions of the qaraq’s creation of a subversive manuscript in 1001 AD enough to bring her back into the fold?  Or will she tear the group apart?



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