9/11, Reincarnation, and 1001 Nights



As she flees from the burning tower on 9/11, Ooma Qadir’s traumatized soul receives past life visions.  A cabal of mysterious storytellers, and a dangerous anthology from Islamic Cordova.  Cast out of a group of souls linked across countless incarnations, Ooma is desperate for acceptance, power, and illicit love.  Are her visions of the group’s creation of a subversive manuscript in 1001 AD enough to bring her back into the fold?  Or will she tear the group apart?


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“Stephen Weinstock’s imagination is fevered, surreal, fantastical. It will take you places you never dreamed you would go.”
Barry Jay Kaplan, author, Black Orchid

Amazon reviews:
“The kind of book that keeps you up later than you intended at night!”

“Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, this is a book which will expand your universe.”

“The list of vistas generated one after the other defies description! There is nothing in contemporary fiction, historical myth, or literature to compare with The Qaraq.”


From my earliest days working with texts while earning a Doctorate in stage direction from Berkeley, to later work as a musical dramaturg advising dozens of writers, I peered over the fence at the world of words from the blissful land of music. For years I had the idea of a novel puzzling out an intricate past life history between a group of souls, but only with the epiphany of using the ancient frame tale structures of The Thousand and One Nights did I receive the courage to jump fields. By day I still bring dancers to ecstasy with my improvisations, but at night I enter the world of metempsychosis, time-honored storytelling, and worlds ranging from historical fiction to romantic fantasy.




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