Picchu Keanu!

Just returned from a dazzling trip to Peru, Lake Titicaca, and Macchu Picchu.  Here’s a few excerpts from my travel journal, followed by a sweet offer:

“After years of waiting, I finally visit Macchu Picchu, the Old Mountain.  First of all, the train and bus ride to the summit alone are worth the trip.  The round-top peaks lining the sacred Inca valley, the spring greens, and the mists are so beautiful that an ancient ruin isn’t necessary.”

“Our guide is native Quechuan, and is the mellowest human being I have ever met.  But he speaks about the place, not with the ambiguous uncertainty of the theorists, who are unsure if Macchu Picchu was a shrine, a trading center, or a noble’s country home, but with a pride and surety that the city was all of these things and more.  It feels like he is a descendant of the people living here centuries ago.”

“I had never imagined the ruin to be so intact, so comprehensive, and so huge.  The only thing missing seems to be the thatch on the roofs, and the objects inside rooms, which now lie in museums.”

“The city is so well preserved because of the Inca stonework.  Every stone fits perfectly with the others, and since they did not use mortar, during earthquakes the stones bobble around then fall back into place.  Spanish walls at the same times crack or fall apart.”

“Tourists are not allowed to walk on the huge open green central square of the city.  But llamas freely graze there, earning their food as the urban greenskeepers, camelid lawnmowers.  I do not learn the difference between a llama, alpaca, and vicuna on this trip, but I do enjoy an alpaca hamburger.”

“In the Floating Islands of the Uros people in Lake Titicaca, everything is made of reeds, including their homes, the ground they stand on in these man-made islands, and the food they eat.  A truly remote place, with its unique way of choosing to live.”

That’s a taste of my wonderful journey.  If you subscribe to 1001/Qaraqbooks News, in a week I will post a new story from 1001, The Reincarnation Chronicles, inspired and set in Macchu Picchu.

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  1. Great story! The writing puts one in a meditative frame of mind and open to things like rocks dancing around then settling cozily back into place, one fitting gently into the next one’s crevices and grooves.

    I’m just upset you didn’t take me with you to Peru!

    Your fan, Sarah

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