Magical Places, Then, Now, and Forever

I’ve been on blogging break over the holidays, especially enjoying a wonderful trip to Mexico.  It’s truly a magical place, with its brilliant colors, ubiquitous crafts, and misty mountainous towns like San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato.  New Year’s was full of buskers and fireworks, and meals were full of wonders like huevos divorciados, where you get both red and green salsa (separated).

My son Gabriel is staying down there for some months, and informed me that there is trend called Exodus, where young U.S. artists are moving to Mexico City, the ‘new Paris.’  Very cool, but also gives me a chill, given Charlie Hebdo.  It makes me think of Hemingway’s Movable Feast, the art party migrating to a new land.  Which also reminds me of a trope from 1001, that at any given period on the planet, there is a new Golden Age going on somewhere.

As my heart is full of wondrous places, Paris and San Miguel, tragic pain and youthful hope, along comes Jodine Turner’s inspiring article for the Visionary Fiction Alliance: The Power of Place in Writing a Novel.  She writes about how a setting can greatly inform reading and writing, how it especially figures into Visionary Fiction, and how it influenced her novel set in Glastonbury, England.  She moved there to be near ancient Avalon!  Here’s an excerpt:

Visionary Fiction authors write in a unique genre, one that infuses story with spiritual and metaphysical themes meant to catalyze shifts of consciousness. Certain16773_the_lord_of_the_rings specific places – such as sacred sites, places of legend, places of energy locus, or places of spiritual activation – have qualities that can interact with and influence a character’s transformational arc, and enable their shifts in consciousness. Think of places such as Lourdes, Mecca, Atlantis, the Elvin Otherworld Realm, Sedona, or Camelot. It is precisely because of their unique geographical, archetypal, or mythical energies, that such specific places will influence a story’s characters.”

The article has given me great food for thought (more than huevos divorciados).  In every chapter of 1001 we travel to a new past life, a new time, but also to a new place.  Am I focusing as much on the place as I do on the time?  Ooh, a New Year’s resolution question!  Lots of other good stuff in Jodine’s blog!  Check it out!

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  1. Thank you, Stephen! How wonderful that you get to immediately apply viewing special places as characters in your novel. May the sacred sites and powerful magic in the land of Mexico not only inspire you, but connect with you in a transformational way. I look forward to reading how a shift of focus to special settings and their impact will unfold in your novel. Visionary Fiction is made for this!

    • Thanks, Jodine! I love your article, and wanted to immediately share it with everyone. Fascinating and inspiring.

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