Here’s some places I love. Expand your consciousness even beyond my blog!


Roz Morris’ blog, The Undercover Soundtrack, where writers explain how they use music in their process.

Zoe Brooks site, all about Magic Realism.

The Visionary Fiction Alliance, promoting the birth of a new literary genre.



Scheherazade Meets the Karate Kid

My first guest post, about how my life as a musical theater composer influenced a novel about remembering past lives.

Hidden Forms That Tell a Story

Guest post on Roz Morris’ wonderful blog where writers discuss how music influences their writing. An unveiling of hidden structures in 1001.

25 New Beatles Albums, 1970-2013

And what the hey. Inspired by Andrew Grant Jackson’s work on the solo Beatle recordings, I teach the class how to devise a new (post-) Beatle album to rival Sgt. Pepper.

The Blue Alhambra Photo

If you’re wondering what the image is on my Home page, here’s a link. It’s the Alhambra at dawn in Granada, Spain.