Goodreads Giveaways Grows Up

Happy 1/8/18, fellow readers, authors, and qaraqis.

As 2018 approached I discovered I was on a fool’s errand.

Goodreads, the social media site for book lovers, announced that as of tomorrow Jan 9, 2018, its Giveaway program, where readers can sign up to win a free book, would no longer be a free service for an author.  Yes, authors gained the value of hundreds of readers learning about their books.  But we had to pay for the books and shipping.  Yes, Goodreads is owned by Amazon so it was a matter of time before good will sharing became capitalized.  But it will be pricey for an indie author, or any author.

I swallowed my whatever and decided to countdown toward the New Year with ten giveaways, before I had to pay, of the three books from my series 1001, The Reincarnation Chronicles.  Three of each, which I started offering in November.  My true intention was to analyze the hundreds of readers who want to read The Qaraq and the Subversive Manuscript (say, the latest), look at their book lists, where they live etc. My series is not standard genre fiction, nor is it experimental, but lies in that mysterious land in between.  So this analysis, I decided, would give me epiphany after epiphany about who my audience is, without bothering anyone.

Foolish rabbit!  Goodreads warns authors not to contact anyone except the winners of a giveaway, and not to pester even them.  I wrote a nice note to the good folks at Goodreads, explaining that I wouldn’t bother anyone, just look at names and books like everyone does on Goodreads.  The good folks wrote back a nice note explaining that they could not supply the list of entrants in my giveaway.  I can see stats and a couple dozen names on my Author page under the giveaway status, but that’s it.  My planned epiphanies were dashed.  Perhaps shelling out moolah to Goodreads will enable an author to do this in the future, but I doubt it.  Plus I understand the protective issue.

At least I’ve put the #reincarnationchronicles out there in the Goodreads community.  The last giveaway ends on 1/11 (of course), so if you’re a Goodreader you can still win a signed copy of The Qaraq and the Maya Factor.  If you love books I do recommend joining Goodreads; it’s good fun, even if the Big Capitalist lurks in the shadows.  I’ll even try paying for a giveaway of The Qaraq this month, since you can offer an ebook that way.  My loving wife just shipped out five print copies at the post office, and I don’t want to ruin the marriage.

All things must pass.  My son signed up for Obamacare on the past possible day.  This New Year I counted down 10 … 01 of the last free giveaways of 1001 on Goodreads.  And it’s 1/8/18, authors.  A couple more hours to start yours!


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