Dark Matters

I’d like to share the Visionary Fiction Alliance’s recent post about writing dark characters in the context of literature that is visionary, uplifting, and/or positive.  I’m honored to have a quote in the conclusion of the article, and am delighted many other VF authors are cited by the author, Eleni Papanou.

In light of the horrors in Paris recently, the article is not just pertinent to writers and their process, but provokes thought about how we can possibly approach such dark matters in our minds.  It’s a difficult subject, but the Alliance is a safe, supportive forum for trying to comprehend a violent world, and maintain a hope of evolving human consciousness.  No simple task.  I’ve seen a lot of argument online about viewing Paris with love and prayers vs. anger and action.  It’s an impossible predicament and each of us has to make personal choices.  But Eleni’s article might be a breath of air for some.

By coincidence, a couple other posts caught my eye recently that examine dark matters.  Another writerly article offers information about characters who have PTSD.  It’s a helpful breakdown of issues presented in the psychologists’ manual of diagnoses.

On an eerier note, here’s a review of a book chronicling the history of the treatment of corpses!  Not a Post Halloween Stress Document, the book is actually about the importance of remembrance to human beings.  Another timely thought provoker in the wake of Paris.

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