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The Tale of the Heavenly Music Room

I’m proud to say a story of mine has been published in January’s WritingRaw, an online literary magazine.  “The Tale of the Heavenly Music Room” is one of the Path of Heaven stories that pop up during the 1001 series.
Here’s the synopsis:
Bored with walking serenely down the Path of Heaven, two musician souls, Stint and Loquat, come upon a room full of musical instruments from every place and time. They are thrilled with the exciting windfall, but as soon as they put their fingers on a keyboard or lips to a mouthpiece in the marvelous collection, their troubles begin.
Here’s the link to read the story:
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REVIEW: The Goddess Within by Iva Kenaz

As a follower of the Visionary Fiction Alliance, I enjoy learning about new authors and books that, like the 1001, The Reincarnation Chronicles series, address themes of expanding human consciousness. Iva Kenaz is a lovely writer from the Czech Republic who bravely writes in English about witches, fauns, and The Goddess Within.  Here is my review of her… Continue Reading

Thursday is the New Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving!  Oh, but I forgot: due to our irrational consumerism, I saw all kinds of ads on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, announcing that “Black Friday Starts Today.”  Crazy enough that we line up all night after a rare day of gratitude to fight over cheap toys and televisions.  Now we have simply replaced Thanksgiving with… Continue Reading


From Sun-Thurs, Oct 18-22, The Qaraq and the Maya Factor will be free on Kindle.  It’s the ebook version of Book Two of 1001, The Reincarnation Chronicles, the 11 book literary fantasy series. From the book description: What if your déjà vu lasted ten minutes? Involved ten neighbors? Linked to a 1001 lifetimes with this group? This… Continue Reading

Why (or why not) I Need Music to Write

I’m happy to have a guest post for the second time on Roz Morris’ wonderful Undercover Soundtrack, where authors talk about how music influences their writing process.  Cheekily, I confess that music may have no influence on me whatsoever.  But genuinely, I explore why I constantly listen to carefully constructed playlists as I write, if not… Continue Reading

Launch of 1001, Book Two!

It’s 10/01, and time for the launch of The Qaraq and the Maya Factor, Book Two of 1001, The Reincarnation Chronicles.  Today I launch the print version on Amazon, but I will be giving away free ebooks soon.  To find out when, subscribe to my newsletter, 1001/Qaraqbooks News. From the book description: What if your déjà vu lasted ten minutes?… Continue Reading

1001, The Reincarnation Chronicles, and Magic Realism

This post is part of the Magic Realism Blog Hop.  Click the blue frog at the bottom to see a list of other mouth-watering articles!  Here’s my two bits: One Valentine’s Day, my wife gave me a sadistic gift.  She signed me up for Pitchapalooza, a book marketing workshop given by The Book Doctors at our… Continue Reading

6 Easy Pieces: How I Nailed My Kickstarter Campaign

One year ago I successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign, enabling me to publish my novel 1001: The Qaraq, Book One of The Reincarnation Chronicles. At this time, I am celebrating my supporters and all those who have showed interest in my writing by giving away special offers. I am also looking back on how I went from… Continue Reading

Magical Realism and Visionary Fiction

I’m happy to share Marian Lee’s thoughtful comparison of the genres of magical realism and visionary fiction from her rich, colorful blog.  Her first post, The Visionary Perspective, introduces visionary fiction and how it relates to her charming book, The Lioness of Brumley Hall.  The follow-up, Revealing the Magical, compares the two genres, but also explores the uses… Continue Reading

Reframing Literary Genres

The book business is radically changing with self-publishing and online platforms, so I propose we look at how genres are changing as well.  Many authors’ ideas outrun their genres, especially self-published writers working outside the box.  For a more expanded view, check out my post on Jessica Bell’s fun, informative The Artist Unleashed, on her… Continue Reading