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Halloween Tale 2015

Here’s a repost of my Halloween gift, a tale of Pyramid tombs, ghosts, and immortality.

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From Sun-Thurs, Oct 18-22, The Qaraq and the Maya Factor will be free on Kindle.  It’s the ebook version of Book Two of 1001, The Reincarnation Chronicles, the 11 book literary fantasy series. From the book description: What if your déjà vu lasted ten minutes? Involved ten neighbors? Linked to a 1001 lifetimes with this group? This… Continue Reading

Launch of 1001, Book Two!

It’s 10/01, and time for the launch of The Qaraq and the Maya Factor, Book Two of 1001, The Reincarnation Chronicles.  Today I launch the print version on Amazon, but I will be giving away free ebooks soon.  To find out when, subscribe to my newsletter, 1001/Qaraqbooks News. From the book description: What if your déjà vu lasted ten minutes?… Continue Reading

Time Travel is the New Space Travel

Well, Einstein messed everything up with the concept of spacetime, but it’s taken decades for the fictional consequences to take hold.  There’s been a paradigm shift in recent years, and not just in science fiction.  I believe we have moved from a fictional obsession with space travel to a new fascination with time travel. Granted,… Continue Reading

Magical Places, Then, Now, and Forever

I’ve been on blogging break over the holidays, especially enjoying a wonderful trip to Mexico.  It’s truly a magical place, with its brilliant colors, ubiquitous crafts, and misty mountainous towns like San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato.  New Year’s was full of buskers and fireworks, and meals were full of wonders like huevos divorciados, where… Continue Reading

Best of 2014 Qaraqbooks posts

If you’re just now following Qaraq Books, or have been a loyal fan and want to look back at a ‘novel’ year, here’s what I consider the best posts of 2014 (just click on the post title). If you’d like notifications of 2015 posts, plus book news, free stories, and promotions, please subscribe to my… Continue Reading

7 Musings on Interstellar

As I watched Interstellar the other night I felt I was seeing a truly classic sci-fi film, an heir to 2001 A Space Odyssey.  Having slept it off, in my pre-dawn mind I have various thoughts assessing the movie. 1)  The movie has one of the best first acts I have ever felt in a sci-fi film.… Continue Reading

7 Cool Quotes About Earth’s Reincarnations

I want to share a fascinating NY Times article about an avalanche of new fossil findings on the planet.  I’m writing a section of 1001 where the characters recall their past lives feuding as prokaryotes, dwelling in urban algal colonies, and towering over the first puny amphibians — as old trees.  Paleontologist Michael Novacek raises… Continue Reading

Halloween Tale: Aapep, Demon of Darkness and Chaos

A Pyramid thief plunders more than he wanted: family ghosts, a demonic snake, and a floating talisman.  This fearful tale, from Book 3 of the 1001 series, is my treat for Halloween.  For other free tales and special offers, join 1001/Qaraqbooks News. The Tale of the Festival for the Welcoming of Aapep             The Twelfth Dynasty… Continue Reading