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If you’re just now following Qaraq Books, or have been a loyal fan and want to look back at a ‘novel’ year, here’s what I consider the best posts of 2014 (just click on the post title). If you’d like notifications of 2015 posts, plus book news, free stories, and promotions, please subscribe to my email service: 1001/Qaraqbooks News.


Why 1001?

The initial explanation of what my series is all about.  1001 = Infinity.


Scheherazade Meets the Karate Kid

My first guest post, about how my life as a musical theater composer influenced a novel about remembering past lives.

Science Made Me Do It

Ditto, about how science influences my novels: my parents met working on The Manhattan Project in Los Alamos!


Fashion Week Flash Fiction

Walking to work by Lincoln Center in NYC every morning, I was prompted to offer this free story during Fashion Week: how Neanderthals invented Fashion!

Reframing Literary Genres

With all the re-thinking and rebelling against cut-and-dry book genres these days, this guest blog invites independent authors to invent themselves through a self-designed sub-genre.  Karma Lit, anyone?


25 New Beatle Albums

Inspired by Andrew Grant Jackson’s work on the solo Beatle recordings, I teach the class how to devise a new (post-) Beatle album to rival Sgt. Pepper.


7 Cool Quotes about Earth’s Reincarnations

Musings on a myriad of new fossil discoveries this year.

Hidden Forms that Tell a Story

Guest post on Roz Morris’ wonderful blog where writers discuss how music influences their writing.  An unveiling of hidden structures in 1001.


How Islam Rejected then Embraced Fiction

Having cycled through fave topics of history, music, books, science, reincarnation, and the writing process, the year ends with my first guest post about Arabic fiction and The Thousand and One Nights.  Hosted by my amazing friends at the Visionary Fiction Alliance.

Please search the archives for more, and enjoy the holiday of rebirth:

Happy New Year!


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