An Idol of my Youth

A great luminary of the modern performing arts has left us: Eric Salzman.

— I remember devouring Eric’s 20th Century Music History book in college;
To all you dancers with whom I’ve shared a host of new music, this man started me up!

— I remember being validated in my study and creation of outside-the-box works when I heard Eric champion the term/idea “Music Theater;”
To all my colleagues and collaborators in the theater, this man helped set us on a new path.

— I remember meeting Eric when I moved to New York to work at NYU’s Musical Theater Writing Program, and saw a man juggle a complex career as a composer, writer, and producer;
To all my friends pushing for their creative efforts, this man made me humble, but also think I could do anything!

May the next life be just as radical for you, Mr. Salzman.

(NY Times obit):



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