The Qaraq: a group of linked souls.

1001 lifetimes remembered in an 11 book literary fantasy.

A wondrous puzzle of karmic history.


1001: The Reincarnation Chronicles is a series about a group of connected souls who discover they have shared 1001 lifetimes together. In their present lifetime in suburban New Jersey, this group, a qaraq, sorts out the giant puzzle of its karmic history. The epic is modeled after The Thousand and One Nights, with a modern Scheherazade story, and a new past life tale told in each chapter. The whole series will have 1001 chapters, an eleven book literary fantasy.

Currently available is:

  • Book One, The Qaraq, where the qaraqis grapple with belief in their visions.
  • Book Two, The Qaraq and the Maya Factor, where the group loses its power to recall past lives, due to the blinding force of Maya, the Hindu concept of worldly illusion and everyday triviality.
  • Book Three, The Qaraq and the Subversive Manuscriptwhere the qaraq deals with the trauma of 9/11, and discovers the parallels with its past lives in 1001 AD Islamic Baghdad and Cordova, where it developed a multi-cultural version of The Thousand and One Nights.



In my past life before 1001, I created music for theater companies (Magic Theater, Eureka Theater), choreographers, and dance studios (Merce Cunningham, Martha Graham). My theater works included the experimental sound theater piece Mt. Quad in San Francisco, and the musical Rock and Roy, with writer Barry Jay Kaplan, about the double life of Rock Hudson. I have worked as a musician/teacher on the dance faculties of UC Berkeley, Princeton, Juilliard, and the ‘Fame’ school, as well as at the NYU Musical Theater Writing Program.

From my earliest days working with texts while earning a Doctorate in stage direction from Berkeley, to later work as a musical dramaturg advising dozens of writers, I peered over the fence at the world of words from the blissful land of music. For years I had the idea of a novel puzzling out an intricate past life history between a group of souls, but only with the epiphany of using the ancient frame tale structures of The Thousand and One Nights did I receive the courage to jump fields. By day I still bring dancers to ecstasy with my improvisations, but at night I enter the world of metempsychosis, time-honored storytelling, and worlds ranging from historical fiction to romantic fantasy.

Take a look at my blog about the series, and/or order books from 1001, The Reincarnation Chronicles.