Monthly Archives: September 2014

Reframing Literary Genres

The book business is radically changing with self-publishing and online platforms, so I propose we look at how genres are changing as well.  Many authors’ ideas outrun their genres, especially self-published writers working outside the box.  For a more expanded view, check out my post on Jessica Bell’s fun, informative The Artist Unleashed, on her blog The Alliterative Allomorph.

Visionary Fiction, a new genre

Introducing a new, and ancient, literary genre.  New, in its delineation for fiction authors. Ancient, as part of a lineage from Plato to Jung to Castaneda. I’d like to share the work of the wonderful and profound group, the Visionary Fiction Alliance, announcing the genre’s appearance on Wikipedia.  An explanation of the process by Victor… Continue Reading

Fashion Week Flash Fiction

Every day as I arrive at Lincoln Center on my way to LaGuardia HS, I welcome the sight of fashionistas by the fountain, models in line at Starbucks, and crowds lining up for the runway shows.  In honor of Fashion Week 2014, here’s a little ditty (destined for Book 7 of 1001), about the pre-historic origins… Continue Reading